Caryl Frankenberger Presenting at IECA

Caryl Frankenberger, Head of The Greenwood School, along with Aria Carter and Ted Backes from Admissions, will be heading off to Texas to attend the annual IECA Conference, where Caryl will be delivering a 3.5 hour seminar on how to interpret the statistics and nuances of a formal psychoeducational evaluation. Caryl will be teaching fellow professionals how to read between the lines of the misunderstood child, both literally and figuratively.

Most of our Greenwood families have no idea that Caryl is more than the Head of School. She is also a special education teacher, diagnostic psychoeducational evaluator and mom...all in one, watching over the Greenwood boys.

Prior to joining us in Vermont, Caryl wrote over 3000 diagnostic psychoeducational evaluations for children and adults of all ages. Her expertise in identifying and remediating learning disabilities makes her an especially effective Head of School. In keeping with Greenwood's philosophy, Caryl has always taken a holistic look at people who learn differently, teasing apart the "why" behind the what. She understands student difficulties associated with dyslexia, ADHD, executive function weakness, dyscalculia and other related learning differences.

Greenwood families should find comfort in knowing that their Head of School is a respected and seasoned learning disabilities specialist who started her career teaching at Greenwood after earning her Master's in Education at Harvard. Caryl went on to become a psychoeducational evaluator, school placement specialist, contributing writer for the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity and presenter to faculties in over 50 independent schools. She continues to speak at professional conferences such as IECA.  Now back here in Vermont, Caryl is Head of School and enjoying every second of doing so.