Dear Parents,

As the new Chair of the Parent’s Association, my hope is to offer a few helpful suggestions for the upcoming year and share our Greenwood experience with you.

At Greenwood, walls are removed clearing the path for those who learn differently. Know that the staff and faculty see your son’s magnificent potential. They understand that kids look different in person than they do on paper. They meet students where they are, with no pre-conceived notions or judgment of where they are going.

Coming from different backgrounds and places, we all share the same journey searching for the right fit for our sons who learn differently. Like some of you, I came to Greenwood questioning if the school could deliver. In the past teachers had made promises that they didn’t follow through on. I had begun to wonder if my son was teachable. The Greenwood faculty and staff showed us that our son could most definitely do anything. In his first year he was able to be himself, gaining confidence and the ability to try new things that were previously difficult. He bloomed both socially and academically.

The academic advisors are very involved with each boy and can give you insight on how to further help your son when he is home, packing, leaving and returning to school. Be sure to settle your nerves by asking questions and reaching out.

Whether your son is a day student or lives on campus, label everything! Who would have guessed that multiple boys from across the country would all bring the same bike helmet?
For glimpses of the day, be sure to visit Greenwood’s social media profiles regularly.

On Fridays check the “I Love Weekends” Resource Board calendar. The weekend team does a great job coming up with an ever changing list of things to do ranging from ski trips, canoeing, concerts, professional sporting events, museums, air and car shows, plus more.

As a parent of a Greenwood student you are automatically a member of the Parent Association. Please join me in fostering a cooperative and working relationship between fellow families, faculty and staff.

Welcome to Greenwood!


Amy Chisamore
Wyatt ‘24