Experiential Learning

Here in Vermont, the “sustainability” movement is very strong and closely tied to the tradition of self reliance. Like the “back to the landers” of the past, Greenwood students learn how to access surrounding resources for food, shelter and recreation. It all happens in our Makers of Vermont woodshop/workshop, where hands on experiential learning builds character and confidence.

Engraining a sense of self reliance extends beyond academics and support services. It happens organically in our Makers of Vermont work spaces, where students enjoy comradery, designing, building and creating. Greenwood students have crafted everything from habitable structures, to woodland crossings and furniture of all sizes and carvings. The list of projects is noteworthy, changing from year to year driven by student interest.
Our students designed and constructed the sizable rock climbing walls in the gym, and the on-campus skateboard park. Both these structures required many hours of planning and hard work alongside dedicated and skilled faculty.

Greenwood students shape metal objects and fittings in the wood fired forge. Like the forge, the outdoor bakers oven is also maintained and used throughout the seasons. With the newly repaired oven, students can now get back to baking homemade bread and pizza with ingredients prepared in the school kitchen.

Visitors can’t help but notice the many bikes, boards and dogs peppering our home-like campus. With so many young students who enjoy mountain biking, a bicycle repair shop is needed and found in our woodshop. Falling under the Makers of Vermont umbrella, trail riders also learn how to maintain their equipment, another practical skill in self reliance.

At the start of every school year, Greenwood kids enjoy picking crisp Vermont apples to run through the cider press. In late Winter and early Spring, ambitious Makers of Vermont go back to the land again, tapping trees to boil traditional sweet Maple Syrup. It’s all so good!