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The role of the College and Career Department at Greenwood is to help students move beyond high school with confidence and self-awareness. As students become aware of who they are as learners and people, they apply this knowledge to self-advocate and to become wise agents of their own lives. There are many options for students after Greenwood, and we work in tandem with all other departments to help students put together the pieces of the puzzle of their post-secondary plans. 

The College and Career Program has several components:

1. Transitions Classes for 11th and 12th graders: Designed to introduce students to the resources needed to research suitable careers and colleges, these courses help students develop self-awareness while also working on their communication skills in preparation to present themselves to potential employers and college admission committees. Taught by the college/career counselor, these courses also provide a crucial opportunity for students to be well known and understood by the person helping them plan their future steps. 

In the 11th grade, the focus is to provide resources and knowledge as students consider their options and gain self-awareness. Students craft a resume and cover letter as they learn about transferable skills and presenting their experiences professionally to a potential employer. Meetings with visiting college admissions representatives and guided research help them learn about college options as well as other possible paths.

Students are given the opportunity to take the ACT in the spring of the junior year, and the college counselor assists in setting up tutoring and administering these tests.   

In the 12th grade, the year-long course provides seniors with the guidance needed to apply to college or gap year programs, including writing an application essay. The curriculum builds on the junior year by continuing the work of self-awareness, self-advocacy, and independence. Seniors learn about the differences between high school and college and work toward creating their senior portfolio (see below). 

2. Job Shadows and Internships: We offer students opportunities to work alongside local professionals to learn job skills, build confidence, and further their career research. In the senior year, students are required to hold an internship or series of job shadows equal to 12 hours per semester.

3. Portfolios: In the spring of their senior year, students present a self-curated collection of their academic and personal work with accompanying reflections to a panel of faculty, a peer, administrators, and a community member. We believe that by reflecting on their work, students learn more deeply and are more likely to apply their skills as they move beyond school. This portfolio is organized by skill area and reflects the work and self-knowledge that the student has been amassing the last several years. It serves as an invaluable tool for students to articulate their strengths and challenges and to share their growth with others. Final presentations of these personalized portfolios provide our students with a powerful, celebratory exhibition where they receive helpful and meaningful feedback from those they trust and respect.

4. Individual College and Career Counseling: During the 11th (and earlier, if desired) and 12th grades, our counselor works closely with each student, providing resources and ideas that guide them toward their post-secondary plans.