Executive Function Coaching

Despite strong effort, some people have difficulty setting and accomplishing goals because they struggle to plan and organize, are slow to get started, get distracted, are impulsive, or do not  monitor their performance.

Greenwood is a certified Landmark College Executive Function Coaching School. Executive Function skill-building is integrated into daily life, both in and out of the classroom. We also partner with students individually, helping them author personal strategies and access resources to develop their ability to manage their own lives independently. 

Each student meets with their advisor 3 days a week. Although these sessions address the student's particular needs at any given time, a frequent focus is on strategies for organization, time management and priority setting.

Classroom teachers use scaffolding to support student learning. Study Hall Proctors help Greenwood students achieve independence in understanding their assignments, maintaining focus and turning in work.

Dr. Peg Dawson, psychologist and author of Smart But Scattered Teens, collaborated with the Support Services department, ensuring continued growth in our executive skills building program.

Skill Building

Playing chess against the clock helps students recognize algebraic patterns while improving problem solving and overall executive function skills.
Bouldering, or equipment-free rock climbing, is one example of how students can work on their executive function skills while having fun. A successful ascent requires problem solving while planning out precise sequential movements to reach the top.