The Greenwood Kitchen

Greenwood’s kitchen angels prepare delicious meals with fresh and, whenever possible, organic food selections. Processed foods and refined sugars are kept to a minimum. A vegetarian option is always available, and for lunch and dinner a full salad bar is offered. 

Faculty members serve as “table heads” at every meal to monitor students’ diets and table manners while encouraging them to eat a well-balanced meal. Day students are invited to join the community for breakfast and dinner if they so choose.

One of the many benefits of being a small school is seen in the dining hall where Chef Carol weighs in on individual student requests and accomodates special dietary needs. 

Meet Chef Carol

Greenwood strives to help students understand the many benefits of a nutritious and healthy diet during meals, in the classroom and in special after school activities. In a novelty "Science of BBQ" class, curious students prepared a feast, graphing BBQ cooking temperatures tied to taste preferences. In a biology class students visited with a local physician who explained the impact of excess sugar on human cells. Others participated in "My Maki Making" culinary adventure, infusing home town flavors in personalized maki roll creations.

Creative Culinary Class

In the fall student volunteers glean fresh vegetables from The Greenwood School garden, or pick apples to run through the cider press, while others collect eggs from our on campus chicken coop.

Every March the Greenwood community participates in tapping Maple Trees on our lush campus, boiling sap into liquid gold. Nothing beats homemade maple syrup on pancakes during sugaring season in Vermont!

At The Greenwood School students learn to appreciate nature's bounty.

Homemade Maple Syrup