At the Greenwood School, our students' health is paramount.

Gail Powers, our school nurse, looks at the whole person, combining a holistic approach with science. Her love for the outdoors and belief in the strength provided by nature are at the core of her practice. She served previously as director of nursing at the O'Connor Health and Wellness Center at Northfield Mount Hermon School and as an emergency room nurse at Grace Cottage Hospital.

Gail administers all medication and communicates with parents and doctors if necessary. She manages care for flu, sports injuries, common colds, and more. She also organizes personalized meals delivered to the dorm room if bed rest is needed. We have dorm staff 24 hours a day who support her instructions.

Gail holds a B.S. in nursing from the University of Vermont and is in the process of earning an M.S.N. from the University of Colorado School of Medicine at the Anschutz Medical Campus. 
"Direct contact with nature has direct benefits for children’s physical, mental and emotional health. Free play opportunities in natural settings offer possibilities for restoration, and hence, well-being."

— Stuart Lester and Martin Maudsley, "Play, naturally: A review of children's natural play"