List of 2 frequently asked questions.

  • On Monday, March 16, we transitioned to our e-Learning campus for instruction and assessment and our physical campus closed.

    Our students are continuing to access all of their programming remotely via our Learning Management System (LMS), Whipple Hill. All students have regularly scheduled remote video conferencing meetings with each of their teachers as well as their advisors.

  • What about our students’ education?

    Education is not a place. It is Greenwood's mission. To that end, we are shifting our education from the classroom with four walls to the cloud. Students and their teachers will meet as classroom groups and with individual teachers. We will have evening group activities just like always too. We may all be cooking together in a Google chat room or monitoring a presidential debate and having discussion alongside the candidates. But we will be together. We are taking this strategic approach not because we think by doing so, we will stop an epidemic; we are simply trying to do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19. Our job is to provide quality instruction to our students in a safe and nurturing environment. By transitioning from the classroom to the cloud, we are also giving medical/public health officials and the community time to get some critical answers regarding incubation period, level and length of contagious status, and fatality rates, as well as a communication strategy that includes all necessary partners. We want to do our part to slow the spread of this coronavirus.

Looking forward to seeing you all back on campus as soon as recommended!
At the Greenwood School, our students' health is paramount.

Our school nurse, Becca Hamil (pictured above with a little inspiration for our students), is a full-time RN who administers all medication and communicates with parents and doctors if necessary. She manages care for flu, sports injuries, common colds, and more. She also organizes personalized meals delivered to the dorm room if bed rest is needed. We have dorm staff 24 hours a day who support her instructions.

Becca has a B.A. in environmental studies and dance and a B.S. in nursing. Before coming to Greenwood, she spent five years as a behavioral specialist at Kindle Farm School and two and a half years as a mixed medical-surgical/telemetry nurse at a hospital.

"As a school nurse, I incorporate a holistic approach that views the health and wellness of a child as a whole person, rather than just from a purely physical perspective. I also believe that health and wellness education are of critical importance, enabling our children to grow into adults who lead healthy, satisfying lives."

--Becca Hamil, RN